Trelleborg awarded for ProgressiveTraction technology

Jury panel members with Trelleborg Wheel Systems’ Piero Mancinelli (left of centre), Stefano Bettinelli, OE director worldwide (centre) and Rolf Christmann, managing director Germany, Austria & Switzerland (right of centre)

During last week’s Agritechnica exhibition, German agricultural publishing group Deutscher Landwirtschaftverlag, or DLV, held its ‘Machine of the Year 2014’ awards. The publisher acknowledged machinery manufacturers in 16 classes of award and, additionally, presented a ‘special prize’ category – which was awarded to Trelleborg for its ProgressiveTraction technology.

Awardees were selected by a panel of 16 journalists from DLV group publications. Commenting on Trelleborg’s win, Trelleborg Wheel Systems’ R&D director for Agricultural and Forestry Tires, Piero Mancinelli, said: “As awards go, to pick up the ‘Machine of the Year Award’ 2014 is a phenomenal feat. Like the unique concept behind the ProgressiveTraction tyre, it is testament to Trelleborg’s commitment to continually developing solutions that improve the performance of radial agricultural tyres, raising them to new standards.”

Trelleborg describes the recently launched ProgressiveTraction tyre as a new concept in agricultural tyres, one that is specifically designed to improve farming efficiency thanks to a double lug. Operating on the soil at different times, the double lug progressively releases higher traction when required.

“The ProgressiveTraction technology is the result of two years of intensive numeric simulations as well as stringent indoor and outdoor testing. To be recognised so enthusiastically as a pioneer for innovation and triumph over such strong competition in the process, is a fantastic achievement and one we are extremely proud of,” Mancinelli added.


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