Profil Plus begins French market partnership with Magna Tyres

Magna Tyres Group and tyre wholesaler Profil Plus have announced the establishment of a strategic relationship. The agreement, which begins in November 2013, relates to distribution and servicing of the Magna OTR tyre brand in France.

The wholesaler, says Magna Tyres, is the “ideal partner” to help Magna expand its OTR tyre activities in France. “Both companies contribute a valuable and long-term experience of international tyre sales and distribution to their cooperation,” writes Magna Tyres in a press release.

Magna Tyres says the partnership with Profil Plus offers additional value through direct contact with end users through the company’s nationwide network of Profil+ subsidiaries. “Essentially, this major deal aims to create a nationwide service network for the marketing of Magna OTR tyres to strategic customers in France,” the company explains.


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