September peak for MOT tests

The Vehicle Operator Services Agency’s (VOSA) revelation that the number of MOT tests peak in March and September should be no surprise to many Tyrepress readers. These months coincide with the introduction of new vehicle registration letters. The agency has also taken the opportunity to note the parts of a car most likely to attract MOT failures, while advising on how the new 2013 regulations, introduced on 20 March, are affecting test results six months on.

VOSA research indicates that the two key areas for MOT failures are lighting and brakes. Following the changes to the MOT test to include electronic warning lights, engine mountings and the speedometer, many cars this year and after will be facing tests they have not had to pass in previous years and garages are likely to find they have more parts to replace.

Independent supplier of vehicle components, workshop equipment, tools and diagnostics, Leeds-based The Andrew Page Group, says it takes additional stocks of key replacement parts to satisfy projected demand in busy periods. The company also offers an MOT bundle, available through to early October, containing the MOT essentials; bulbs, screenwash, wiper blades, floor mats and seat covers.

The supplier recently announced a partnership deal with Mintex to sell the company’s full range of replacement braking products through their full branch network.

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