New ‘DACH’ region importer for Aeolus PCR range

Aeolus has a new distributor for its passenger car tyre range in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. German wholesaler and tyre service provider Reifen Straub GmbH now handles imports in these three territories and in mid-September began delivery of Aeolus AW02 and AW03 winter tyres  for the coming ‘changeover’ period, which traditionally takes place in October.

“It is now no longer to possible to make any more money with many premium brands,” observed Reifen Straub managing partner Eugen Straub at an Aeolus market launch event in September. “However, we are able to break new ground with an innovative company such as Aeolus and a competent local contact. Just one example: the transport of the first containers took place over land by rail freight. Within just 15 days, our goods were delivered to the central warehouse via Hamburg. The resulting savings and logistical advantages are obvious.

“Aeolus is a company that thinks outside the box and has impressed us with its unique strategy. Establishing new rules means breaking old ones, while at the same time continuing to impress both commercially and economically,” Straub continued. “We are excited by what is happening here and we look forward to a long term partnership and close cooperation with and for Aeolus.”

Aeolus views an important part of suitably positioning passenger car tyres in crowded markets such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland as being to have a “compelling and consistent strategy.” It also believes the use of high quality raw materials, intensive testing in Europe for Europe, and the continuous development of the appropriate product portfolios form the basis for sound market development.

“I am very pleased to have gained a competent partner for these countries in Mr. Straub and his entire team,” said Thomas Wohlgemuth, Aeolus’ general manager for Western Europe. “We have also been able to impress in these markets as a result of our targeted ‘Drive Smarter’ campaign and a consistent focus on the marketing of our car tyres.” Preparations for the 2014 Drive Smarter campaign are already underway.

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