Michelin OE on Dassault business jet

Michelin Aircraft Tire has announced it will provide its Air X radial for original equipment fitment on Dassault’s newest large cabin long range business jet, the Falcon 5X. “Michelin is proud to have been selected by Dassault as its official partner and the sole source supplier on the new Falcon 5X aircraft,” said Mathias Kratzsch, Michelin Aircraft Tire Company’s director of Marketing and Sales. “Michelin is committed to providing innovation and safety. Our radial tyres with the NZG (Near Zero Growth) technology are designed to provide a long tyre life and exceptional performance.

Dassault was the recipient of Michelin – and the world’s – first radial aircraft tyre, when Michelin supplied tyres for the Mirage fighter in 1981. Today Michelin’s Air X is offered in more radial sizes than all other aircraft tyre brands combined, including 12 sizes for business jets.

Michelin claims the following advantages from its NZG radial technology compared with cross-ply technology:

Up to 50 per cent more FOD resistance, with an optimised tread design for cut resistance and an extra strong carcass to restrict tyre growth thereby improving safety and increasing tread life.

Up to a 40 per cent reduction in weight compared with a cross-ply tyre, which translates into significant fuel savings for airlines.

Up to a 50 per cent increase in the number of landings compared with a cross-ply tyre, which means less maintenance downtime for aircraft manufacturers.

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