MAM Software to launch Autopart eBay module

Early next year, MAM Software will release a new eBay module for its Autopart management software. The eBay module, which is currently undergoing initial testing, is intended to make it easier for Autopart users to add parts listings to the eBay marketplaces in the UK and Ireland. Users will be able to upload parts, inventory and prices to eBay and receive eBay orders directly into their point-of-sale.

According to the company, the solution will reduce sellers’ costs by integrating eBay listing into MAM’s existing management software. As well as simplifying the listing process, the solution will utilise MAM’s Make Model Index (MMI) to standardise vehicle information, making it easier for sellers’ parts to be found by buyers.

“We are delighted to announce this exciting new project” said Mike Jamieson, CEO of MAM Software. “eBay integration is another example of our continued efforts to develop innovative solutions for an evolving industry. Multi-channel retailing is becoming increasingly important in the automotive aftermarket and it is crucial that our customers have the right tools at their disposal.”

“Direct integration with eBay offers our customers another outlet to service their commercial needs,” Jamieson added. “Alongside our website and e-commerce solutions, it provides auto parts distributors and retailers with an opportunity to diversify their sales channels and reach a wider audience.”

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