Bandag treading new ground with Northern Ireland announcement

After an absence of more than quarter of a century, the Bandag retreading franchise will return to Northern Ireland. Following a management buyout, Portadown-based specialist ADCO Retreads has opted to become a Bandag franchisee; the company aims to consolidate and further grow its business through this step.

“ADCO is keen to embrace the Bandag brand and will rebrand its website, vehicles and signage as a result,” shared Bridgestone retread development manager Terry Salter. “We are delighted to be embarking on a new relationship with the business, which will benefit from the strength of our national proposition. This new signing is also strategically important for us in giving a franchise presence in Northern Ireland after an absence of more than 25 years.”

ADCO expects to see an immediate benefit in retread supply and casing management for Bridgestone fleet business in Northern Ireland, specifically the Ulster Bus contract. “We are passionate in maintaining quality standards with a commitment to install Bandag 7400U shearography and ADCO will play a pivotal role in this,” added Salter. “We expect initial retread volumes to hit the 5,500 mark per year with a growth ambition to 8000 per year within the first franchise term.”

Bandag’s ease in sourcing a regular supply of casings was a major factor behind ADCO Retreads’ decision to enter into a franchise agreement. The strength of the brand’s European network also played a role. In 2007, Bridgestone acquired Bandag Incorporated, forming Bridgestone Bandag, LLC. By April 2008, the sales and marketing teams of Bridgestone Bandag, LLC and the truck and bus division of BSAM’s subsidiary tyre company joined forces to deliver their fleet and dealer customers total tyre solutions as a single integrated package. The resulting group is known as Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS). Today, Bridgestone Bandag Tyre Solutions (BBTS) is a division of Bridgestone Americas Tyre Operations (BATO).

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