Bridgestone “Genius” graduate lands Eden Tyre management role

One of the most recent graduates of Bridgestone’s “Tyre Genius” training course has been promoted to manager of Eden Tyre Sales’ (ETS) Ripley depot. The tyre manufacturer said Simon Rai, 26, demonstrates a wide range of core skills, as well as the ability to think on his feet, vindicating the decision to invest in his development.

Rai has completed two stints as a fitter at both of ETS’s Derby sites and was put forward to complete the course run by Bridgestone’s business development manager Phil Berry following a recommendation by the company.

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Berry said: “It was noted from day one of the course that Simon was responding to the training very well and we reported his excellent performance back to ETS’s operations manager to ensure it was properly recognised.”

Jim Nicholls from Eden Tyre Sales said: “We are delighted with Si’s performance, and Bridgestone’s Tyre Genius course has certainly armed him with many of the skills he’ll need for the challenges ahead.”

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