Tarox “investing heavily” in quality certification

2nd August 2012 | 0 Comments
Tarox “investing heavily” in quality certification

Italian brake manufacturer Tarox launched its carbon ceramic ultra-high performance braking range earlier in the year, a product that draws on the company’s motorsport experience extending as far as Formula One. It continues to supply quality replacement products for models such as the Mk2 Ford Focus RS, and though the company supplies all car shapes and sizes, its managing director told Tyres & Accessories that it continues to pursue quality certification as a strategic necessity.

In addition to the recently released ultra high performance products, the company’s Italian managing director Renato Cappucci emphasises that Tarox “is very ‘democratic’, catering from smallest cars – Fiat Panda, Ford Ka – to high performance – Audi RS3, BMW M3  Bentley Continental GT – to classic and exotic – Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari F40.” The company’s products have “many applications but just one level of quality,” he says.

In terms of how the company’s braking products have been developed to meet current pressures from the market, Cappucci believes in two simple criteria: “Quality: all the prototypes are fully tested in our in house dynamometer to make sure they cope with the demand of the street. We make sure that every product leaves the factory is perfectly heat treated and hand finished, delivering high and steady performance [that is] also pleasant to the eye when you open the box.

“Speed: Tarox customers and distributor can rely on an absolute speed of delivery. 90 per cent of [our] inventory can be despatched on next day delivery worldwide. Brake conversion kits can be ready in three working days.”

Speaking of how manufacturers are coping with economic pressures in Europe, Cappucci makes the point that: “Car manufacturers’ revenue is coming mostly from selling spares, so it is obvious that they will try to sell their own original brakes and pads components and void any warranty if non original parts are used.

“In this context Tarox has been investing heavily in having its product quality certified to make sure that it use does not affect the manufacturer warranty. In this direction goes the German ABE certification, which will be evolving in the next three-four years, and in the EC certification for discs, extremely similar to the ECR90 certification for brake pads. Tarox’s strategic choice in the last few years was not to de-localise but keep full control on its production in Italy: it is not among the cheapest products but probably among those offering the top value for money, often much cheaper than the OE products.”

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