Graham Simpson appointed director at Truck Tyre Specialists

Graham Simpson has been appointed a as director of Truck Tyre Specialists Ltd (TTS). His primary function remains sales, an area in which has gained over 21 years of experience in in the Retreading industry. Simpson heads up a team of account managers and van sales team alongside the development of new fleet and casing asset solutions.

According to TTS, the company will be soon launching a new online “Casing Bank Reporting Suite” where customers can not only track there asset value but get an overview of RTD Removal rate, acceptance rate of casings among other detailed reporting.

Truck Tyre Specialists also announced that Kevin Leighton joined the sales team in February, bringing “a wealth of experience and knowledge of the tyre trade and customers to the company.” Leighton will be responsible for sales in South Wales, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire and up to Birmingham.

In addition Mike Bailey has changed role slightly and is now actively involved in the fleet management side of the business. “We have seen this side of the business grow over the last few years as operators try to control costs, Mike has also a wealth of experience in the trade, not only with manufacturing but with a major service provider,” company representatives said in a statement.

His expertise has seen haulage contractors entrust the entire management of their tyre purchases and breakdowns to the tyre distributors nominated. The fleet then receives a clear detailed consolidated invoice which not only reduces administration time but helps in controlling costs. Bailey also controls the company sales for the South West.


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