The World’s Priciest Tyres – Set of Bugatti Veyron Rubber Costs £23,500

Every wondered what the most expensive passenger car tyres in the world are? According to a report published on the Autocar website on 14 January, Bugatti Veyron rubber must be a prime contender with a set of four new tyres costing £23,500 (26,926 euros; US$38,482) to replace. And if you were wondering which tyre manufacturer won the OE contract to supply these products, a quick look at’s online archive reveals that the 406 km/h car, which is capable of 0 – 300 km/h in under 14 seconds fits Michelin Pilot Sport Pax System 245-690 R520 A (front) and 365-710 R 540 A (rear) tyres.

The main reason for the great expense, Autocar explains, is the fact that they have to be capable of 253 mph “over 100 mph faster than Concorde’s landing speed.” However according to the report, what’s worse is that every fourth tyre change (assuming you can afford to run the car that long) the Veyron’s wheels have to be stress tested for cracks. The replacement cost for these 20-inch forged rims is said to be another £7050 (8077 euros; $11,544) each.

According to Autocar, a standard service for the Bugatti Veyron costs £12,866 (14,741 euros; $21,069). So when you factor in a set of four new tyres (£23,500) and one replacement wheel (£7050), a complete service could realistically cost a whopping £43,416 (49,754 euros; US$71,092). No-one mentioned if that is before or after VAT. Little wonder then that one Veyron owner has reported taken to the comparatively more economical option of having his car trailered to wherever he wants to drive it, while he follows in his private jet.

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