Marangoni Merges Retreading Businesses

2nd October 2009 | 0 Comments
Marangoni Merges Retreading Businesses

As a response to market changes and the rapid evolution of its manufacturing and distribution arms, Marangoni has decided to merge by incorporation its Marangoni Spa and Marangoni Tread SpA operations into Marangoni Pneumatici SpA. This new company, which came into being on October 1, 2009, will serve as the parent company and will be officially known as Marangoni SpA. This merger, says Marangoni, is part of a medium-term strategic plan aimed at strengthening the group and placing a greater focus on its core retreading business.

Marangoni SpA therefore shifts from being a holding company with a strategic function to a parent company with an industrial function, and now directly manages certain businesses, such as retreading materials and technology, direct retreading and production of industrial tyres. According to Marangoni, the group will consequently benefit from a more streamlined organisation, aimed at ensuring more direct control over industrial activities and more effective commercial management of the business areas.

All existing holdings in other group businesses will be retained by Marangoni SpA, including Marangoni Tyre SpA (which focuses upon the production and distribution of new car tyres), Marangoni Meccanica SpA (the production and distribution of machinery and technology for the tyre industry), Pneusmarket (multiple brand tyre distribution). The company’s Rovereto, Italy headquarters will also manage the Group’s overseas businesses, such as Marangoni Tread North America, Marangoni Tread Latino America and Ellerbrock in Germany.

“The Marangoni Group has in these years demonstrated its capacity to cover vast segments of the tyre life cycle in an integrated manner, with a specialist approach and consequently with the ability to develop excellent solutions,” stated Massimo De Alessandri, CEO of Marangoni Spa. “Our strong point is certainly the product: the businesses relating to retreading, the production of machinery and even the new tyre sector, where we manufacture and distribute excellent tyres that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

“Our operations follow the entire life cycle of the tyre, covering business areas that are homogeneous and wider ranging than those managed by our competitors, even companies that are much bigger than us,” De Allesandri added. “Consequently, we have always worked to ensure our relative smaller size is a competitive advantage, in terms of flexibility, promptness of response and innovation. The new company organisation should be seen as a further step in this direction. We will strengthen our direct presence in the key sector of our business, simplifying our processes, bringing the brains and the brawn closer together.” 

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