Aufine Presents an Extended Truck Tyre Range

Ever since the Aufine Group owned factory in Dongying, Shandong Province entered operation in 1986, it has specialised in truck tyres. Nevertheless, the company has considered broadening its range. As general manager David Sun explained during the CITExpo exhibition, Aufine – whose name was chosen due to its phonic similarity to the words “all fine” – has recently mulled over the idea of a passenger car tyre factory. According to Sun, Aufine calculates an RMB 700 million investment (£63.6 million) is required to establish a planned factory capable of producing five million passenger car tyres per year. These plans, admittedly, have been laid on ice indefinitely due to the global recession. If and when the Aufine Group finally presses ahead is a decision heavily dependent upon the future development of global markets, not least the US market. Should the decision be made to press ahead with the new factory, the company’s aim is to produce “high quality tyres in China,” David Sun emphasises.

The company was originally established as an intermediary between Chinese manufacturers and overseas buyers, and only a few years ago took over the Dongying plant operated by its key supplier. In the past Aufine exported both truck and passenger car tyres from China, however today it only markets the truck tyres made in its own factory. Annually the Aufine Group manufactures around two million radial truck tyres at the Dongying site, and since 2006 has exported tyres from here under the “Aufine” brand name to 63 countries. “In China there is no manufacturer that can compete with our line-up,” declared the general manager about Aufine’s extensive range – a product portfolio that, according to the company’s catalogue, contains no less than 30 assorted treads for different applications and numerous various sizes.

The Aufine Group also functions as a production partner for tyre wholesalers. The “Gallant” brand marketed by Al Saeedi Automotive Trading, for example, is manufactured in China by Aufine. The wholesale partner also markets the Aufine tyre brand in Dubai.

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