Chem-Trend Launches Curing Bladder Treatment for Tyres

Friday 5th June 2009 | 0 Comments

Chem-Trend, a global manufacturer of release agents and other process chemical specialties, has announced the launch of Mono-Lube 1111, a new high performance tyre-curing bladder treatment for the tyre manufacturing industry.

Chem-Trend states that initial field tests have shown that tyre-curing bladders coated with Mono-Lube 1111 can extend bladder life up to 40 per cent. Mono-Lube 1111 cures in one hour at room temperature and provides similar performance to coatings that are baked onto the surface of a curing bladder. It can be applied by various methods including brush, sponge or spray application.

The new product is the latest addition to the Mono-Lube family of products for the tyre manufacturing industry. Chem-Trend’s full line of products includes inside tyre paints, outside tyre paints, curing bladder coatings and the Mono-Coat brand of tyre mould treatments.

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