Zeus: Tyre Fill Improves Front End Loader Operations

Zeus’s new generation puncture proofing material called (TRIOfil) drastically reduces tyre related downtime on front end loaders, particularly those operating in the waste, quarrying and mining sectors, according to the company’s tyre flat proofing solutions team. With a new rubber material specification uniquely formulated into its original urethane mix, Zeus’s new TRIOfill is said to be a more effective flat proofing solutions, which also delivers a much cleaner, greener and higher level of physical properties than current products on the market today.

In the drive to operate in a more waste conscious environment, TRIOfill has been developed with recycling in mind, where the aim was not only to more fully enhance current tyre filling performance standards, properties and flexibility of formulations, but also to embrace low carbon technologies, materials and processes in its manufacture and operation.

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