Pirelli Wins Auto Express 2008 Tyre Test

2nd September 2008 | 0 Comments

The Pirelli P Zero (225/45 R17), achieved the highest overall score in this year’s Auto Express tyre test, coming top in a comparison test against 15 other competitor brands. The magazine test examined several key disciplines including: dry handling, wet handling, dry braking, wet braking, aquaplaning and rolling resistance. Pirelli achieved first overall in the Dry Handling discipline with Auto Express commenting: “None of our contenders inspired as much confidence as the Pirelli, which felt spot-on as soon as we turned into the corner. Grip was plentiful too”.

In the Wet Handling discipline Pirelli also achieved first overall where Auto Express commented: “the remarkable Pirelli was quickest by a clear margin.” The aquaplaning curve test again saw Pirelli achieve first overall.

“What’s required for a strong performance in the wet normally counts against a tyre in dry conditions, and vice versa. But the Pirelli bucks the trend and, unlike most of its competitors here, is superb whatever the weather,” Auto Express commented.

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