Michelin Claims Energy Tyres Saved Billions of Gallons

11th August 2008 | 0 Comments

Michelin claims that more than 2.6 billion gallons of fuel have been saved and more than 27 million tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided because of its “green energy-saving tyres.” “The 600 million Michelin green tyres sold worldwide over the past 16 years have saved almost 12 gallons of fuel each second, corresponding to more than 240 pounds of CO2 kept out of the atmosphere,” the tyremaker said.

“With its green tyres, Michelin is actively helping to reduce the cost and environmental impact of road transportation, as tires can use up to one tank out of five for automobiles and up to one tank out of three in commercial trucks,” Michelin said. (Tire Review/Akron)

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