Sameer Importing Chinese Tyres to Meet Local Demand

Kenyan manufacturer Sameer Africa has begun importing tyres from China to meet a strong demand for low priced products in its home market. This, however, says Kenya’s Business Daily newspaper, is a measure placing the company in deeper debt as it must borrow heavily to pay invoices. The company installed a new £84,000 light truck tyre assembly machine last July and also increased capacity, however the company continues to struggle, as it has since changing its name from Firestone to Yana tyres three years ago.

“We were not making enough money from our tyre production unit so we borrowed to finance the importation of tyres that we don’t make” said Sameer managing director, Eric Kimani. The Chinese brands imported, says Mr. Kimani, include Dyna and Triangle. “The tyres are affordable but very durable. When we import we don’t just bring anything, we buy quality,” he added.


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