TIA Tackling Issue of Look Alike Tyres

7th November 2007 | 0 Comments

(Akron/Tire Review/sg) During the SEMA Show the Tire Industry Association (TIA) unveiled a new “policy resolution” about the industry’s growing concern over so-called “look-alike” tyres, products with tread patterns that allegedly mimic or are identical to popular major brand models. According to the TIA, most of the look-alike tyres released in the US are for commercial vehicles, though there have been some passenger and light truck/SUV tyres on the market.

The TIA has pledged to work with the Rubber Manufacturers Association in the sharing of information pertaining to the problem. “We are glad to work with manufacturers on this issue”, said Paul Hyatt, the TIA’s past president. “It only makes sense when you consider the insurance liability issues our members are faced with on a regular basis.” Roy Littlefield, TIA executive vice president, said: “It is apparent that import tyres have raised a whole host of issues in general, and look alike tyres specifically bring serious questions about quality and safety.”

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