Thorite Launches Half-Price Offer

8th September 2005 | 0 Comments

Compressed air and fluid process systems specialists, Thorite, have introduced a new way for customers to save money when complying with the requirements of BS 6005, which covers the safety of polycarbonate bowls on filters, filter/regulators and lubricators.

Called “Cash In Your Old”, the new offer covers all products within the Norgren range, which can now be purchased at half price, when customers replace their old, polycarbonate-bowl airline products.

BS 6005 briefly states that bowls with signs of mechanical damage, cracking or hazing, or those contaminated with paint, or any that have been in service for 10 years, should all be replaced to avoid risks to health and safety.

Norgren units available include G ½ inch filter units normally priced at £74.60, G ¼ inch filter/regulators normally £39.84 and G ½ inch boxed sets which are usually £188.03, so the half price offer can lead to significant savings.

Thorite customers can take advantage of these “Cash In Your Old” savings at any of the company’s eight sales and service centres in Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Leeds, Rochdale and Sheffield.


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