We’re all mad here – Pirelli unveils Alice-themed Cal

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Tim Walker takes a shot of Sean 'Diddy' Combs
Tim Walker takes a shot of Sean 'Diddy' Combs

The Pirelli Calendar is a survivor. While other pin-up calendars from within our industry have long been banished to workshop tearooms to avoid offending customers, Pirelli’s handiwork is hailed as iconic by countless people around the world, including those ignorant of the company’s day job as tyre maker. Followers of this most famous of all corporate freebie calendars eagerly await the launch of a new edition, and today their cup of joy is surely overflowing. At a high-budget event in New York, Pirelli has unveiled next year’s Cal.

The famous, beautiful and well-connected gathered at five-star hotel ‘The Pierre’ for the 2018 Pirelli Calendar launch. It was a case of Alice is back and for Pirelli in black – the images photographer Tim Walker shot for next year’s edition carry an Alice in Wonderland theme and depict an all-black cast, the latter an arrangement not seen since 1987. The 18 protagonists appearing in next year’s Cal include Naomi Campbell, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Whoopi Goldberg.

Commenting that the story of Alice in Wonderland “has been told so many times,” Walker explains his rationale behind telling the story once again: “I think I wanted to go back to the genesis of the imagination behind Lewis Carroll so that you could tell it from the very beginning again. I wanted to find a different and original angle.”

Pirelli states that Walker’s decision to portray a black Alice, indeed an entirely black cast, was “met with excitement, enthusiasm and pride” by all of the protagonists. One, women’s rights activist Jaha Dukureh, shares her feelings on being asked to take part: “I’m not a model or celebrity. I work on issues that people don’t normally talk about. When Tim reached out to me, I couldn’t believe it. Being in the Calendar, for me, meant he saw me. He saw a strong woman. It made me so happy.”

All 28 photos in the 2018 Pirelli Calendar, the 45th edition to be released, were taken in London in May. Walker comments that the scenes involving Sean Combs and Naomi Campbell “were chaos,” albeit a positive kind of chaos.

Retail sales of the 2018 Calendar begin on the 12th of Never. The Cal remains a corporate freebie, albeit a more exclusive freebie than most. Pirelli only blesses its celebrity friends and a select handful of customers and partners with a copy, and chances are your name isn’t on the list. Don’t let this rankle, even if you’d gladly gaze upon The Mad Hatter and friends while enjoying a cuppa between tyre changing jobs – enjoy here the selection of images Pirelli has approved for lesser mortals to view.

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