Zenises, Doublestar officially confirm strategic partnership

Tuesday 16th May 2017 | 0 Comments

Zenises, Doublestar officially confirm strategic partnership
Zenises, Doublestar officially confirm strategic partnership

Qingdao Doublestar and Zenesis have made their first official comment on their operational joint venture, Doublestar Europe. Tyrepress.com reported last year that the company had been formed on 22 September 2016 between the Zenesis Group and the top five Chinese tyre manufacturer.

Doublestar said it aspires to strengthen its position in the global tyre industry with Doublestar Europe; the company will be responsible for the sale, marketing, and distribution of Doublestar commercial and passenger tyres in key European territories, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Doublestar has secured its position in the Chinese top five with a track record of strong growth. Most recently, the company established its new ‘4.0’ production plant in Qingdao, which will allow it to increase its European footprint, with increased volume capacity and new product development.

The Zenises Group added that the JV represents a powerful opportunity to build on its presence in the European tyre arena and offer commercial partners “the opportunity to work with one of the world’s most forward- thinking tyre providers.” Zenises adds that Doublestar plans to grow its flagship, eponymous brand in the high performance passenger tyre segment, having previously built widespread recognition in the commercial tyre segment.

The new Doublestar Europe venture was established in London, and has its own dedicated support and business development team.

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