MWSD brings latest Xbrite+ forged aluminium wheels to European market

Monday 20th February 2017 | 0 Comments

The latest Xbrite+ forged aluminium from Wheels India is available in Europe from MWSD
The latest Xbrite+ forged aluminium from Wheels India is available in Europe from MWSD

Manufacturer Wheels India makes multimillion pound production upgrade

The European market distributor of Wheels India’s forged aluminium wheels, Motor Wheel Service Distribution (MWSD) has launched the next generation Xbrite+. The new product has benefitted from Wheels India’s upgraded multi-million pound production facility; in the advanced production process a polished Xlite forged aluminium wheel goes through several automated treatment stages to permeate the metal deeper. MWSD explains that this increases corrosion resistance and shine and prevents tarnishing or flaking. MWSD has exclusive distribution rights for the supply of Xlite and Xbrite+ forged aluminium wheels throughout Europe.

Matt Mardle, chief operating officer at MWSD, said: “The latest generation of the Xbrite+ is a marked advancement on its predecessors, with the new production facility allowing far deeper penetration of the forged aluminium which in turn results in unrivalled aesthetics, performance and longevity.

“The multi-million pound investment by Wheels India in manufacturing and R&D has delivered a product that will satisfy the most demanding of fleet managers and commercial vehicle owners, which backed by our exceptional customer support and technical expertise results in an unrivalled service.”

Xlite and Xbrite+, which are five times stronger and 40 per cent lighter than the standard steel equivalent, are spin forged from a single aluminium billet, a unique manufacturing process using a CNC machine to produce a higher degree of production accuracy and a truer running wheel. Xlite is available in machined and polished finishes. All wheels are available in 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch sizes.

The ultimate advantages of operating with forged aluminium wheels including extra payloads, reduced diesel usage, decreased CO² emissions and less wear on surrounding parts, including expensive components such as tyres and brakes.

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