Bridgestone, First Stop survey 2,400 cars with Sigmavision TreadReader

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Bridgestone and First Stop’s tyre survey of 2,400 cars at the Sky Sports British Masters golf event was conducted using Sigmavision’s TreadReader
Bridgestone and First Stop’s tyre survey of 2,400 cars at the Sky Sports British Masters golf event was conducted using Sigmavision’s TreadReader

Sigmavision has announced the findings of a recent survey conducted in collaboration with Bridgestone and First Stop at the recent Sky Sports British Masters golf event. The company’s technicians surveyed 2,400 cars over two days away from the fairways and greens at The Grove, measuring tyre tread depths with Sigmavision’s TreadReader handheld scanners. The results of the survey back up Bridgestone’s hypothesis that motorists currently do not make the regular checks necessary to ensure their tyres are safe.

Of these 2,400 vehicles inspected, the following results were recorded utilising TreadReader hand-held 3D tyre scanners:

  • 805 tyres on 500 cars showed ‘badly worn’ tyres or uneven wear, caused by wheel misalignment or tyre inflation problems.
  • 380 vehicles (15.8 per cent) arrived at the event with at least one tyre having a tread depth below 3mm.
  • 65 of those vehicles (2.7 per cent) drove on at least one tyre below the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Further analysis of 3D tyre scans revealed 389 of the 805 tyres scanned (48.3 per cent), showed uneven tyre wear mainly associated with wheel misalignment. Of these, 225 tyres (28.0 per cent) displayed a significant amount of uneven wear with a 1mm tread depth difference from one sidewall to the other. If a car was in need of a replacement tyre on the day, First Stop’s team of fast fitters were on hand to change the product, along with a discount and an official British Masters supported by Sky Sports shoebag.

Tyre inflation problems were also examined using the TreadReader 3D scans, by identifying symmetric edge wear and accelerated centre wear.  A total of 189 tyres (23.5 per cent) showed signs of tyre under-inflation with 110 of these tyres displaying a 1mm difference in tread depth from the outer most tread grooves compared to the centre of the tread face. Accelerated centre wear was less apparent, though 57 tyres (7.1 per cent) showed accelerated centre wear which is symptomatic of tyre over-inflation.

TreadReader can make ‘huge difference to road safety’ – Dolan

Bridgestone’s sales and marketing director Farrell Dolan said: “We were delighted to work with Sigmavision for the first time, who boast an excellent TreadReader product, which can make a huge difference to road safety as a whole.

“We are continually calling on motorists to check that their tyre tread depths are above the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm – roughly the same as the rim of a 20p piece – after TyreSafe revealed that 10 million vehicles could be driven with an illegal tyre across the UK.

“Our checks with Sigmavision reinforce these statistics, with a number of tyres identified below the 1.6mm limit. A quick, easy and non-invasive way of identifying these tyres is invaluable. TreadReader is a product with a great deal of potential and we would certainly be keen on working with Sigmavision again.

“If the technology leads to a reduced number on illegal tyres on our roads then it can only be seen as a hugely influential and powerful innovation, for the good of the automotive industry.”

The patented TreadReader products create a three-dimensional scan of a tyre’s tread depth and reveal any uneven wear as a result of misalignment, incorrect inflation, or suspension problems. Unlike laser line scanners, TreadReader products produce accurate readings even on wet and dirty tyres

Sigmavision’s managing director Andy Pryce, who conducted many of the tests, said: “It has been a really valuable exercise, although the results didn’t come as a complete surprise to us.

“We do have a very large problem in the UK with the number of illegal tyres on our roads. There were some horrendous tyres in this car park. We found 20 or so that were completely bald. We wanted to gather some data and raise some awareness around the issue. If we can start to influence the number of illegal tyres on our roads – through checks like these – then we will all be thrilled.”

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