Bridgestone launches winter version of DriveGuard

Friday 5th August 2016 | 0 Comments

Bridgestone's DriveGuard Winter
Bridgestone's DriveGuard Winter

Following the launch of its Reifen 2016 Innovation Award winning runflat tyre for almost every car fitted with TPMS, Bridgestone has added the DriveGuard Winter. The extended mobility and safety benefits enjoyed by drivers fitting the DriveGuard have been given a new seasonal dimension, with the technology now available in a winter tyre. Bridgestone adds that, like the summer version, the DriveGuard Winter offers high standards of cold weather performance.

Bridgestone applied the same underlying DriveGuard extended mobility technology to a winter tyre, offering drivers the same promise of safety and mobility in winter conditions. The tread is modelled on Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM001 design with rounded corner block junctions and tapered ‘horn’ grooves for optimum water evacuation. Combined with advanced Nano Pro-tech materials technology in the compound, DriveGuard Winter delivers leading wet grip performance (B rating on EU label).

Testing at Bridgestone Europe’s winter proving ground in Vidsel, Sweden, shows that drivers can also tackle snow and ice with confidence and precision: the high-density 3D siping and slanted-groove configuration ensure exceptional traction and handling on frozen surfaces.

Jake Rønsholt, managing director, Consumer Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe states: “DriveGuard is a game changer; it takes safety to the next level for most cars equipped with TPMS. But consumers in many parts of Europe also need this reassurance of mobility and safety during the colder, darker months; DriveGuard Winter is the perfect solution.”

The tyre, like the summer version, features strong reinforced sidewalls, heat-resistant polyester carcass and body ply, and Bridgestone’s hi-tech cooling fin design which reduces heat build-up when tyre pressure falls. Drivers of almost any car equipped with TPMS can therefore maintain control and continue driving safely for 80 km/h at speeds up to 80 km/h after a puncture; fast and far enough to complete their winter journey safely or reach a convenient service point. Like Bridgestone’s DriveGuard, the winter tyre also boasts high performance characteristics, with “best-in-class” wet grip and “outstanding” snow and ice performance.

Bridgestone says the DriveGuard Winter will be available initially in 10 sizes, 45 to 65 series, for 15” to 17” rims, fitting most cars equipped with TPMS.

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