Koelnmesse: Most major tyre and wheel manufacturers investing in The Tire Cologne

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Katharina C. Hamma, chief operating officer at Koelnmesse GmbH is “completely satisfied” with The Tire Cologne’s progress so far
Katharina C. Hamma, chief operating officer at Koelnmesse GmbH is “completely satisfied” with The Tire Cologne’s progress so far

A couple of months after the last Reifen show took place in Essen, Katharina C. Hamma, chief operating officer at Koelnmesse GmbH told Tyres & Accessories why she thinks The Tire Cologne is the exhibition to replace it.

Tyres & Accessories: How does the tire cologne differ from the previous event in Essen?

Katharina C. Hamma: The industry wanted a change, needs to keep developing, and Koelnmesse can meet these requirements. Every industry requires perspectives on how the future direction and potential for further growth can be developed and realised. In our concept we have defined clear strategic and conceptual goals to reflect these perspectives and put them into practice. In the process we will retain the positives of the previous event and also bring new strengths. The two cornerstones of our strategy are increased international orientation and the incorporation of new target groups. Much of this has been neglected in the past.

The Tire Cologne is the legitimate successor event of Reifen, but will considerably expand the offering in comparison to the Essen event. The Tire Cologne will provide a reflection of the industry at all levels that corresponds exactly to the needs of the market and underlines the future orientation in the specialist tyre trade: this of course includes the tyre industry and the tyre trade, including related segments like rims, remoulding, the wholesale trade, but also additional services in the tyre workshop, whether these involve brakes, lights, engine settings or shock absorbers. Here, however, we don’t only focus only on cars, as is the case at the new Reifen location. Instead, we address all of the relevant industry target groups: trucks, commercial and industrial vehicles, special vehicles and two-wheelers.

Tyres & Accessories: Reifen and Automechanika are merging – isn’t that a big advantage?

Katharina C. Hamma: In a game of chess one might say: good move. But no more than that. The global tyre industry is strong and confident enough for its own trade fair platform; one which presents what the industry needs in concentrated form. The option of docking onto another trade fair as a satellite event in no way fits with the self-image of the industry and its strengths. What’s needed is an independent business platform that develops with our conceptual changes for the future.

Tyres & Accessories: What is The Tire Cologne’s event USP?

Katharina C. Hamma: First: the independent and comprehensive reflection of the industry at all levels, in one place, and at the right time. Second: the internationalisation of all relevant industry segments, and third: the generation of new visitor target groups. In addition to the themes of online commerce and workshop services, we in this way address target groups like fleet managers and transport companies. We will also clearly emphasise the topic of recycling, which has to date only been coveted inadequately…

Tyres & Accessories: your dates are the original date for Reifen; Automechanika is in September. Which date is better for the industry?

Katharina C. Hamma: May is definitively and clearly the right point in time for the industry: the winter season and the time for changing tyres has passed, and the trade now has time to prepare and plan for the coming months. In September everyone is already heavily involved again with the upcoming winter business. There was a reason why the event in Essen took place in May.

Tyres & Accessories: Automotive services will be a theme in both Cologne and in Frankfurt. What is the difference?

Katharina C. Hamma: The tyre trade and the workshops that look after services specifically involving tyres want to see innovations and solutions for these workshop services and related automotive services in a packaged form – from cars to commercial vehicles. And it is precisely this that we will present in the context of The Tire Cologne. A clear focus on the themes that drive the industry and promise sustained impetus.

Tyres & Accessories: How is The Tire Cologne being received?

Katharina C. Hamma: Great! We are completely on track. We have already received more than 100 confirmations and sold around 40 per cent of the planned exhibit space.

Continental, Goodyear Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli, but also Aeolus Tyres, BKT, Kumho Tyre, Maxam, Maxxis, Nexen Tire, Obo Tyres, Reifenwerk Heidenau, Sailun Tyres, Techking, Yokohama and the association of automotive tuners (VDAT) will all be there.

The wheel sector is already now almost completely behind The Tire Cologne with Alcar, Autec, AVG, BBS, Borbet, Brock, CMS, MAK, OZ, Ronal Group and Uniwheels.

Alligator, Schrader and Rema TipTop have confirmed their participation in the workshop services section.

Kraiburg and Salvadori are examples of exhibitors from the tyre remoulding segment. In addition to others, the tyre trade is represented by Bohnenkamp, Deestone, Euromaster, Heuver, GDHS, Interpneu, Membat, Point S, R. Krieg, Reifen Specht, Triangle, Tyre 1 and tyremotive.

The major online platforms and gettygo have also already booked. To our knowledge, only the companies that intend to participate at Automechanika are those that have already exhibited in Frankfurt in the past. All others do not. This is a great interim result. We are completely satisfied with the result so far.

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