Maxxis continues partnerships with Chris Walker and Lee Dunham

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Maxxis continues partnerships with Chris Walker and Lee Dunham
Maxxis continues partnerships with Chris Walker and Lee Dunham

Maxxis has confirmed it will renew its winning partnership with British Superbike legend, Chris ‘Stalker’ Walker in 2016. The MCE BSB runner-up and multiple race winner will once again be the face of Maxxis’ road bike offering, and continue to help the manufacturer develop the next generation of track and tarmac tyres.

The company will also continue its relationship with Lee Dunham and, in return for this support, the successful rider-turned-trainer will assist the Maxxis R&D team to create the next generation of motocross tyres

The Walker/Maxxis partnership announcement comes at a particularly interesting time for the rider, as he will be taking on a new challenge and sidecar racing this season. Balancing the push to find the limits of performance and maintaining stability is clearly something both parties are dedicated to, as Walkers explains: “Sometimes in life you need a change. The BSB paddock has been home to me for many years, so switching between two and three wheels has got me all excited again. Yet with all that’s new at the moment, I really wanted to continue to work with Maxxis as I think we have forged a fantastic partnership over the last few years. Sometimes you need the comfort of knowing you have people and products you can rely on there when you need them. Maxxis gives me just that.

“Helping to develop the Supermaxx ST with the Maxxis research and development team was a real eye-opener for me. I’m really proud to have played a part in one of the best all round performing tyres I’ve ever ridden. And with that we’re very happy to recommend it to other riders that visit the shop. I’m now hoping that this new agreement will allow me to provide feedback on the future evolutions of Maxxis tyres, as their dedication to finding more grip, stability and durability are relentless.”

As well as his work to help develop Maxxis tyres, Chris Walker will also be participating in a number of special events for fans and dealers throughout 2016. These will include ride out days, personal appearances and dealer days.

One of the major positives of the renewed partnership between Maxxis and Dunham is the opportunity it provides for the next generation of off-road riders, as Dunham explains: “With the help of Maxxis we are able to get people of all ages and abilities on bikes at the LDR Training Facility in Gloucestershire. It’s so rewarding to have new riders come into the sport and see them progress, and to know we can rely on Maxxis tyres to carry them safely while they are out there learning.

“On the flip side, I’m also personally very interested in the development of new tyres. I’ve always pushed myself to the edge of my capabilities, and to be able to help Maxxis break through the limits of performance is something I get very excited about. I’m looking forward to taking delivery of the next set of advanced test tyres, and giving my feedback to try and help make them even better.”

Strong links with the leading lights of motorsport is high on the priority list for Maxxis, as managing director Derek McMartin states: “Every year we look for the teams and individuals that we want to associate our brand with. We want people that look to break through the boundaries of performance, as we do, and people who deliver much more in terms of experience. Lee does exactly that. Throughout his career he was a winner both in the UK and in Europe, but brought so much more than just his talent to the sport. Now, through Lee Dunham Racing and the LDR Training Facility he’s passing on his insight and experience to a new generation of riders, and we’re proud to say we will once again be part of that in 2016.”

As part of this new deal, Maxxis will help create an LDR grass roots motorposrt team, and its branding will appear on all Lee Dunham Racing bikes and merchandise. The man himself will be making a number of personal appearance at Maxxis motorsport and dealer events as a brand ambassador.

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