Klarius to invest £1.5million from 2016

Thursday 24th March 2016 | 0 Comments

Klarius Products intends to raise its output with the latest investment
Klarius Products intends to raise its output with the latest investment

The UK’s largest manufacturer of exhausts, CATs and DPFs for the aftermarket has announced £1.5m of project investment to begin in 2016. Klarius Products states that it has allocated the money to production capacity increases, quality improvements, and lead time reduction on new parts. Paul Hannah, business development director comments: “We have a policy of continuous investment in Klarius, but this year we have been able to allocate a much larger amount of resource into the business. This is partly thanks to strong sales and a very efficient operation, but also some restructuring of company finances which put us in a strong financial position – we now own the land and buildings on the main production site in Cheadle for example.

“Some of the changes will just help us operate more effectively as a business and there is a certain amount of routine maintenance and replacement included in the investment programme. Some things however will make a difference to our customers and end users.

“We are building a new technology centre for example that will house our Design, R&D and Technical Support departments, including the test cell with the rolling road. This will provide more space for designers and engineers, allowing us to accelerate the time-to-market for new products as well as increasing the number of new products we release on a weekly basis.”

The largest part of Klarius’ investment is in machinery, including a rebuild of one of its large robotised Vector Pipe Line (VPL) tube manufacturing and bending machines

Klarius’ large robotised Vector Pipe Line (VPL) tube manufacturing and bending machine

The largest investment is in machines; Klarius will rebuild one of two large robotised Vector Pipe Line (VPL) tube manufacturing and bending machines. Each VPL machine takes aluminised steel sheet from a roll, folds it and welds it in a continuous process to make high quality, corrosion resistant tube for exhausts. It then bends sections and cuts them into precise forms for batches of new exhausts bound for the production lines.

Other substantial investment includes new wire bending machines, sound deadening glass fibre injectors, wire benders for mounting hooks and spigots and automatic tube saws. The sales and management offices will also be refitted, with a new server room installed. Klarius is also adding to its fleet of dedicated delivery vans.

Klarius has also announced a new nationwide IMI Accredited emission control training programme for garage technicians. The new offices and training programme have been assessed and certified as an official training centre, by the IMI, which provides the opportunity for the industry to gain knowledge and improve services nationwide.

The company has also invested heavily in type-approval testing for a large range of new CATs and DPFs which are soon to hit the market. The company believes this has made it the largest stockist and supplier of emission control devices in Europe. It adds that exports are growing substantially.

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