Same name, upgraded performance – Goodyear launches 2nd-gen Vector 4Seasons tyre

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Goodyear's second generation Vector 4Seasons
Goodyear's second generation Vector 4Seasons

It’s already gained the attention of Auto Express’s tyre testers, been rated “exemplary” and taken top honours in this month’s Auto Bild test of ten all-season tyres, and gained approval as original equipment on Audi, Ford, Vauxhall/Opel and Renault models. Therefore it’s high time that we report the launch of the second generation Goodyear Vector 4Seasons.

This successor to the 2009-introduced tyre that bears the same name is available in all key European markets and will replace the original Vector 4Seasons in those markets over time. Selected Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 sizes are already available and further dimensions will be added to the range through January 2016. By early next year the complete line-up will contain 46 different sizes, including three run-flat models.

“The launch of our second generation Vector 4Seasons is built of over 30 years of engineering innovation, consumer insights and OE fitments,” comments Adam Butcher, Goodyear UK marketing manager. “Goodyear has been a leader in the four season market since it first launched the concept of an all seasons tyre in the mid-1980s and today we continue to deliver on our original promise of delivering quality and peace of mind in a single tyre.”

Goodyear says the Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 has been designed to “meet an increasing demand for convenience from drivers who do not always change their tyres according to seasonality.” Recent research by Goodyear suggests that a significant number of consumers in Europe see an all-season tyre as a comfortable alternative for the second family car, and that the convenience of a single tyre fitment is gaining popularity on these vehicles.

Although available in all major European markets, the new Vector 4Seasons is an especially interesting product for drivers in countries where sales of dedicated winter tyres have failed to take off. While Goodyear says the tyre was developed to meet and match key winter needs, it emhasises that a particular focus was placed on cold weather performance in regions with a “softer winter” – countries where snow and ice are present, yet have fewer regular sub-zero temperatures.

Differences between the new tyre and the original Vector 4Seasons include a new arrangement of smaller and connected blocks – this is said to improve the tyre’s overall performance on snow covered roads – and the inclusion of a wider circumferential groove in order to improve performance on icy roads.

Because, as Goodyear points out, “not all winters are dominated by snow”, the ratio of silica mixed into the tread compound has been increased with the change of Vector 4Seasons generation. This has been done to improve performance on wet, slushy and icy roads compared to the predecessor tyre. The new Vector 4Seaons also employs Goodyear’s SmartTred polymer technology.

Goodyear claims better resistance against aquaplaning on wet and slushy roads compared with the previous generation tyre, as well as improved stability and handling on dry roads thanks to the stiffer tread its 3D sipes allow for. The tread pattern delivers excellent performance throughout the tyre’s entire life, the tyre maker adds.

“When we developed the Vector 4Seasons range we looked at ensuring that the tyre could meet the most challenging road conditions – namely those in winter–while also being a true all season tyre,” shares Butcher. “Today, multiple independent and internal tyre tests confirm that we continue to lead in snow and ice capabilities, as well as the all-important wet category – all classic UK winter realities. Improving our consumers’ safety in all conditions remains a top priority for Goodyear, and the Vector 4Seasons will continue to contribute to that promise by keeping consumers moving ahead and feeling safe all year long.”

Giving further evidence of its new all-season tyre’s competence, Goodyear refers to independent testing performend by TÜV SÜD. We haven’t seen the test results ourselves, nor do we know which competitor tyres the Goodyear product was evaluated against, however Goodyear claims the tests show the Vector 4Seasons Generation 2 to be a “leader on snow”, with a braking distance on snowy roads that is 12 per cent shorter than the average of its competitors. The same tests reportedly also show the Vector4Seasons to have 19 per cent more traction grip on snow and a 13 per cent shorter braking distance on icy roads compared to the average of its competitors.

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