Eagle Couriers ‘Wear’ Autosocks

Wednesday 10th December 2008 | 0 Comments

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm is equipping its delivery vans with winter weather Autosocks in a bid to cope with the treacherous winter road conditions in Aberdeenshire and the Highlands. Eagle Couriers has invested in the revolutionary new equipment and plans to use the tyre socks to ensure their drivers are as safe as possible on snow-covered or icy roads. The company carries out many deliveries in the north of Scotland during the winter, and already uses safety equipment such as tyre chains, which they fit to their vans when they need to drive through heavy blizzards and snow drifts. However, by using the “tyre sock” technology, which was devised in Norway, they hope to improve their vehicles’ grip on the road when faced with less extreme weather conditions such as sleet and ice – which are less suitable for chains.

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